5 Face Yoga exercises That’ll Make You Look Like You Had a Plastic Surgery

Best Yoga Exercise To Avoid Any Plastic Surgery

Many plastic surgeon say that Face Yoga is a absolute nonsense but the truth is that face yoga is a very well and famous way to treat your face wrinkles. Yoga relaxes your skin which helps in releasing tension from your skin which you don not even experience while performing any poses of Face Yoga. Some of the surgeons who perform rhinoplasty also explains the benefit of Yoga for your skin, You can check www.surgeon-directory.com for any rhinoplasty related help if you think Yoga is not your piece of cake but we still strongly recommend performing it for ten minutes daily can really give an edge to your skin glow over others.


Below are some of the expression from 5 different Yoga exercises which you can perform at your home:


Yoga face

Face Stretch

Wrinkle Face

Yoga Face expression

Yoga face

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Stress Control

Control Your Cortisol To Maintain Your Stress Level

Cortisol is a very important hormone produced by the body every day. It plays a crucial role in how one responds to stress and influences inflammation. This hormone is produced by the adrenal gland and circulates the body about 4 times a day. It is released in the body in large amounts in the morning to help you kick- start your day. However, like everything good, too much is bad. When this hormone is in excess, it creates a “flight or fight mode” in the body. This response stimulates the body’s sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal gland, which in turn decreases the secretion of digestion fluids, and increases your blood pressure. It is probably the reason many people are unable to lose weight and why many people age before their time. Taking supplements and herbs help maintain the levels and control cortisol hormones to the normal levels.

Vitamin C

This is a supplement mostly known for its ability to boost the immunity levels of those who take it. This means that it is able to decrease the signs of stress on the body given out by this hormone such as hypertension. By increasing the levels of vitamin C in the diet and taking at dosage of about 100mg of vitamin C each day, a person will be able to lower the symptom cause by increased stress and in turn will be able to lead a happier healthier life.


This is a fat- soluble nutrient that is found in the brain. It is known to lower the release of the stress hormone by up to 20%. It does this by blunting the release of the hormone from the adrenal glands. It suppresses the signals sent by the body to the brain to release the hormone. It is particularly helpful to an individual if taken after a stressful life event. However, it may cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach and should not be taken before sleep because it may cause sleeping problems.


Magnolia contains an ingredient known as honokiol, which helps in the reduction of stress-induced effects like anxiety. The plant is also known to reduce the release of stress hormones and increasing the sleep levels of an individual. People who are particularly prone to stress induced insomnia are asked to take the herb in quantities of between 250 and 750 mg before going to bed to help them sleep better.

role of cortisol

Using adaptogens

Adaptogens are mostly used in phytotherapy, which is the use of plants to promote healing capabilities. Adaptogens are known to have healing capabilities to the body. They are known for helping in balancing, protecting and restoring the body back to health. Although they are not known to have any specific action in the body, they do help you respond better to any stressors you may have allowing your body to normalize its physiological functions. They can recharge your adrenalin glands helping you be able to respond to stress more appropriately. There are over 16 adaptogenic herbs that have been approved and proven to reduce the impact of the stress hormone on the body and to reduce the stress hormone’s levels all together.

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