Yoga is now considered an extremely beneficial exercise method. It offers so much more than just fitness and flexibility. As well as being recognised as a total body workout, for people of all ages and all levels of fitness, it offers psychological benefits and contributes to all round health.

About Mitch

​Mitch is a mature male, ex-military and former Project Manager in building facilities,  and for the last 25 years a yoga practitioner, and he brings his broad life experiences to his teaching.  Since moving to Devon, he has been renovating a barn conversion which is a wonderful space in which to teach yoga.

About his Yoga

Mitch is an exciting and inspirational, fully qualified and experienced Yoga Alliance teacher. He has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for the last 15 years. He has practiced every style and method of Yoga, as well as Pilates, Tai chi, Gigong, Feldenkrais, and Mindfulness. From these he has organically evolved his own style which he calls Freestyle Yoga without boundaries, which is both fun and rewarding.

He had his own successful yoga centre and taught classes and workshops throughout the UK including the National Yoga Show in Olympia London.  He continues to run small group yoga holidays in Turkey. He prides himself on bringing yoga and mindfulness to those who are sceptical or have never tried it before, in particular men who have never considered yoga.  So whether you are a beginner or have an established practice you will benefit. Generally based on the principles of Hatha Yoga, his classes are gentle and restorative, but still strengthening, and they will get you progressively fitter and healthier. 


Some of the many benefits are improved strength and flexibility, increased energy levels and core stability, better posture and balance.  Many students have indicated it also gives them a positive outlook on life with a sense of peace, calmness and happiness. ​In this frenetic world, yoga is a great form of mindful movement and can help the mind and body let go of stress and anxiety. It can:

-  Increase your overall strength and  power.

- Improve flexibility and range of movement.

- Teach you to get the most out of your breath to energise, to improve energy levels.

- Improve balance, ground and coordinate your body, and acceptance of what your body can achieve.



Classes are run from Mitch's beautiful barn conversion in Rewe.  Classes are small and intimate so you get plenty of individual support and help should you need it.

Classes are limited to 8 students, so you get plenty of support. No lengthy and expensive sign up fees, just sign up for a month in advance. Group classes are £9 per class.  If you prefer Mitch can provide smaller classes or one-to-one sessions, either in your home or at Rewe.

Mitch is available for running additional classes, 1-1, couples, friends and families, Corporate and one-off events, at Rewe or elsewhere.



8am - 9.15am

Yoga at Home


6pm - 7.15pm

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Thursdays 12 - 1.15pm


If you practice yoga once a week you can change your mind,
If you practice yoga twice a week you can change your body,
If you practice yoga every day you can change your life.



Court Byre, Rewe, EX54ES



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